Hamiltons Single Malt Serie

Hamiltons Single Malts
Hamiltons Single Malts

Die Whisky Serie Hamiltons wird von Angus Dundee Distillers herausgegeben und repräsentieren den Geschmack der vier größten Whisky Regionen Schottlands: Speyside, Highland, Lowland und Islay.


Duncan Baldwin, Senior Brand Ambassador: “The Hamiltons product range is designed to encourage regional experimentation. Each expression provides product descriptions for each region in a comprehensive and inviting style.

Angus Dundee Hersteller des Glen Kirk Single Malts
Angus Dundee Hersteller des Glen Kirk Single Malts

Angus Dundee hat seinen Sitz in London. Sie besitzen die beiden Brennereien Tomintoul und Glencadam, in denen sie  Blended, Malt und wie sie es ausdrücken "De Luxe Whiskys" herstellen. Ihre Whiskys liefern sie als Groß- und Klein- Abfüllungen in mehr als 70 Ländern.


Hamiltons Single Malts
Hamiltons Single Malts


Auf jeder Verpackung ist die jeweilige Region mit Text und Illustration beschrieben.

  • Hamiltons Lowland
  • Hamiltons Speyside
  • Hamiltons Highland
  • Hamiltons Islay


Hamiltons Lowland



Whiskies from the Lowland region are known for being light and grassy. There are only a handful of distilleries that remain in the lowlands region today. 40% ABV


Nose: Floral, typically Lowland, summer flowers, with some light sweetish malt underneath

Palate: Delicate, soft malt. Fine and light rather than fruit and weighty

Finish: Totally approachable, dying slowly


Hamiltons Speyside


Speyside is a small area of the Highlands that is highly concentrated with distilleries. These distilleries take advantage of the superb quality of spring water that falls through the hills in streams leading into the River Spey. Speyside whiskies are known to be particularly fruity and sweet. 40 % ABV


Nose: Soft, gentle and delicate. Some sweetness and toffee

Palate: Clean, creamy and smooth

Finish: A building sweetness followed by light spice


Hamiltons Highland


The Highlands is the largest region of Scotland and whiskies from the Highlands can vary in flavour, from light and flora to nutty and rich. Highland whiskies are usually known for being complex. 40 % ABV. 


Nose: Intense and fresh with citrus tones and hints of spicy oak

Palate: Clean and crisp with pleasing harmony between a natural sweetness and the soft spicy oak

Finish: Prolonged fusion of malted barley and oaky-vanilla


Hamiltons Islay


Islay is an island just off the west coast of Scotland. Surrounded by the sea, the distilleries on this island have traditionally relied on peat to malt their barley and as a result their whiskies are very smoky and medicinal. They also gain salty, seaweed-y characteristics from the damp sea air. 40 % ABV



Nose: Smoke mixed with marine and citrus notes

Palate: Smoke balanced with peppery spice

Finish: A swirling marriage of spice and peat

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