Glendronach 25 Jahre "Grandeur" 



Tasting Noten der Brennerei:

Nose: An abundance of classic sherried fruits, rich damsons, dates and sweet plum juice infused with freshly sliced ginger and cracked black pepper. Softer notes of orange chocolate and walnut loaf add a delicate balance to the robust dark sherry influences.

Palate: An elegant, vintage sherry style comprising of classic Mediterranean fruits, dark sun-dried raisins, dates and fig syrup infused with delicate chocolate fondant, roasted coffee and a dusting of ground almonds. A delightful combination of sophisticated warm oak spices, freshly-cut ginger and gentle waves of caramelised orange gives a vibrant crisp contrast to the traditional Highland sherry cask characteristics.

Finish: After a quarter of a century peacefully lying in our traditional dunnage warehouses, Master Blender Billy Walker has selected a combination of characterful casks which truly encapsulates the rich history and heritage between the Highland character of GlenDronach and the finest Spanish oloroso sherry casks.


Glendronach Whisky 25 Jahre "Grandeur"  - Ralf Zindel
Glendronach Whisky 25 Jahre "Grandeur" - Ralf Zindel

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